Sales Tax Solutions’ Pay for Performance Agreement

Our clients love our compensation agreement. Why so popular? It’s easy to understand. It is risk free and 100% confidential. Here’s how it works: You allow us access to a select amount of records currently in your office, show us where to work, and give us a few hours. Taking 20-30 minutes of your time.

We will be able to advise you on whether opportunities exist or if your company is in compliance and you have done a great job. If no opportunities exist, we simply congratulate you on your efforts and thank you for the hospitality.

If opportunities do exist, we will perform a complete detailed review and retrieve your money back for you as far back as the State(s) in which you operate allows. Once all information is retrieved, STS will prepare the necessary documentation and present you with the findings.

Our compensation is limited to a percentage of the tax over-payments we recover. Moving forward, you will be enjoying 100 percent of the tax you formerly overpaid.

If you wait to contact us, the states will keep more and more of your money. Let us apply our core knowledge to produce real results for you.
Offices in Florida, Iowa, & Illinois

For more information, call (309) 230-3333