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Sales and use taxes can have a great impact on businesses like yours.
Oftentimes companies overpay their vendors when the sales/use tax should have been exempt. Sales tax laws change constantly and items that may have been taxable last year or last month may now be exempt.

STS reviews your sales taxes to ensure that all potential savings due are addressed. STS’ services are designed to provide you peace of mind that this facet of your business is handled expertly.

No more wondering should we pay sales tax? Or, is sales tax due?

Sales/Use Tax Refund Recovery Studies

Sales & Use Tax Refund Studies, which Sales Tax Solutions (STS) performs regularly, seek to identify and recover tax your company may have erroneously paid to suppliers and to the states. Studies are done on a contingency fee basis, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses and no risks.

Benefits include opportunities to obtain substantial refunds, future tax savings, increased cash flow, and increased profitability.

State Tax Audit Defense

STS works directly with your company to represent you against state audit assessments and to insure that each and every possible credit and exemption is received during your audit.
We represent our clients at both informal and formal conferences with auditors throughout the entire process.

Multi-State Sales/Use Tax Planning

Our experienced professionals will work with you to identify and implement optimal solutions to your multi-state issues.

Tax Research and Technical Memos

STS provides tax research, taxability matrices, and technical direction for companies in determining how the sales and use tax laws pertain to their unique business.

Nexus and Exposure Analysis

The threshold for sales and use tax nexus is very low for most state taxing jurisdictions. It is not uncommon for companies to have sales and use tax exposures in states where they do not meet the requirement to file a state income tax return.
During this analysis, our experienced professionals work with your company to determine if you have a minimum connection or presence within a jurisdiction and their ability to impose taxes upon your business. There is no single measure for nexus and it can be very difficult to correctly determine tax exposure among the various jurisdictions.

State Tax Credits and Incentives

Our tax professionals can help identify available tax credits and incentives at the state level of government. Anonymous representation to the state economic development officials to help negotiate the best incentive package for your company’s expansion.

Training Programs

Our tax professionals provide an onsite one on one or group training presentation tailored towards your unique business.

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