Sales Tax Solutions’ Pay for Performance Agreement

Our clients love our compensation agreement. Why so popular? It’s easy to understand. It is as risk free as possible. Here’s how it works: you allow us access to your purchase records, show us where the coffee and the copier are, and give us a few hours.
We can then tell you whether opportunity to move forward exists. If it does, we will perform a complete review of up to three years of returns, documenting all overpayments.
Our compensation is limited to a percentage of the tax overpayments we recover. Moving forward, you or your accountant will have the benefit of our knowledge, and you will be enjoying 100 percent of the tax you formerly overpaid.
We apply for the refund, fill out the forms, make the arguments, as necessary, and pick up the incidental expenses.
If we don’t identify any opportunities, we thank you for the hospitality and go about our way. You’re out a couple cups of coffee and an hour or so.
So call us today. Let us apply our core knowledge to produce real results for you.
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