Early Client Praise

Testimonials on 3 Aug , 2017

Chief Financial Officer—Iowa Manufacturer, Scott County Iowa

“When Sales Tax Solutions initially contacted us about their sales tax refund review, we were less than enthused because we had looked at this issue before and thought we had it handled. Nonetheless we decided to move forward because they seemed knowledgeable and professional, plus there was nothing to lose.

In a few short weeks, they completed their review with astonishing results. They presented us with an impressive refund claim package and walked us through the basis of the exemptions. We later received a refund check from the state with interest, and the ongoing savings continue to improve our bottom line.”

Owner—Illinois and Iowa Manufacturer, Mercer County Illinois

“Sales Tax Solutions displayed a very high level of professionalism and were very easy to work with. I believe all manufacturers could benefit from this service, because the value it brought to our business was unbelievable.
Overall, STS only needed a little of our time to complete the project, their pricing structure put the risks on them, and the results were great. We would recommend them to anyone for their sales tax services.”

Owner—Iowa Insurance Company, Scott County Iowa

“I was impressed with your service and wanted to share my experience with future clients. Please share this with anyone who you may be able to help.

The first meeting took about 20 minutes. At the end of three visits, Sales Tax Solutions provided me with the necessary paperwork to obtain a substantial amount in tax refunds. Not bad for about 1 hour of my time.

I would recommend them to any business owner. If you haven’t paid excess taxes it won’t cost you anything to have them check. If they find that you have overpaid, it’s like finding money.”

Owner—Construction Company, Scott County Iowa

“With no fees up front and their fee structure, it was an easy decision to engage Sales Tax Solutions. When STS started their project, their professionals asked us a few questions and then they went to work. They worked independently of our staff and only needed our help to locate the records.

The results of the project were great; we ended up getting a few refund checks from the states and vendors. They found us money in our company that we didn’t know we overpaid and now we have reduced our costs for each and every job.

We continuously look at our income taxes for our business, but had no idea how much in sales tax we were paying. We would recommend STS to anyone for their cost effective services and expertise.”